LOT-EK MDU Shipping Container House

LOT-EK one of the original pioneers of shipping-container molds since 2002. Their Modular Dwelling Unit, a simple yet brilliant design, and serves as the basic pattern of large molds for various other modules based on current designs to see the popularity and great attention.

The idea is simple: change the delivery of one container into a single comprehensive residential units in flexibility, mobility, and scalability. Designed for the modern day traveler, who MDU can easily be transported from one place to the next.

Structurally, MDU is a fully-functional, sturdy, and built unit combines engineering skills with design sensibility. Built-in furniture-based systems to facilitate the domestic function of cooking and eating more private space, storage, and recreation. As far as interiors go, the space is divided into three sub-volume of space to accommodate social, entertainment and private functions.

Potential rigid space is actually quite friendly, combining a long horizontal window in each sub-volumes with natural and brightly colored plywood interior surfaces and fluorescent lighting. This simple construction methods would lend themselves to a few choices and possibilities for infinite customization.

Other embedded features such as modular construction is the diversity of approaches and the potential to be stored or combined with other modules to create large scale residential. Some of that can be stored MDU tiered steel racks that integrate elevators, stairs, power, data, water, and disposal systems to create a plug-in-house infrastructure for the individual modules.

We love LOT-EK’s description MDU some systems:

“Port of vertical in constant transformation as MDU loaded and is derived from the permanent shelf. Like pixels in digital images, while the patterns generated by the presence or absence of MDUs in different locations along the shelves, which reflects the changing composition of these colonies spread all over the world. ”

Courtesy Of: Architecture View