MEKA Shipping Container Home Pops Up in NY

Founder, Michael de Jong came up the idea for the MEKA after years of building luxury homes in Belize, hiring Jason Halter and Christos Marcopoulous for the design. Michael states, “Many prospective homeowners want to avoid the hassle, wait time and hidden costs of traditional construction. No one wants to wait a year and then find out the price of materials and laborers have increased by a third or more. No one wants to deal with unreliable contractors or builders.”

Eco-friendly and extremely flexible, each shipping container is paneled in cedar wood over a steel frame shipping container, with doubled glazed argon-filled windows, a bamboo interior, slate bathroom, and 100% cedar cladding. The home works well in an array of different environments and one side of the module can be opened up to create a deck. Moreover, they can be effortlessly transported and the modular system allows for eased expansion in the event the inhabitant’s space needs to grow. Solar power integration is also available for those interested in off-grid living.


Courtesy Of: inhabitat