Boxman Studio’s Solar Powered Shipping Container Pop-Up Prefab Party Venue

If you are having a party you might want to check out Boxman Studio’s solar-powered party venue, which comes conveniently packed into a pop-up shipping container. This innovative system that takes just 20 minutes to set up but creates a classy place to enjoy a party.

Unlike tents, the container is quick, lower impact, and much more durable, plus it’s about the hippest way to green your summer party events.

The party shipping container provides seating for 26 people, a full bar, solar powered plug-ins for a TV, fridge, karaoke, lava lamps, whatever…  The container walls also fold down to create a covered 500 square-foot bamboo floor. Place several panels next to each other and you have a huge dance floor. Boxman are happy to customize individual units for different needs.

Boxman Studio dutifully notes that energy to recycle the steel container is 4000 kWhrs, while the conversion of a container is 200 kWhrs. That is a powerful example on how sustainable reuse can be. Tents are notorious for getting shredded in a season or two, and they can be tough to set up on hard surfaces.

Courtesy Of: Inhabitat