Glassberg Container House – The Kansas City Shipping Container Home, Missouri

Debbie Glassberg of Home Contained in conjunction with BNIM Architects created this innovative Kansas City Shipping Container Home. This 2,600 square foot light filled home incorporates geothermal heating, soy plant foam insulation, passive solar heating and bamboo flooring.

BNIM collaborated with Glassberg to design her new residence known as “Glassberg Container House” which is constructed from five shipping containers. The containers, pieced together with a steel and concrete framework, create space for two bedrooms, an office, television room, kitchen, dining area, living room and three bathrooms. The pre-fabricated containers are taller than typical shipping containers, allowing for large windows that create an open and light-filled space. The roof of the two-story residence includes an edible garden and patio.

As a prototype Glassberg Container House took three years to build, and was “expensive”, however Glassberg believes it may be possible to construct shipping container homes from $125 per square foot.


We wish her all the best.

Courtesy Of: Home Contained, KMBC