Adam Kalkin’s Old Lady House – Shipping Container Home

Adam Kalkin’s “Old Lady House” Shipping Container Home is iconic in its status as one of Cargotectures greats. We absolutely adore it to.

The main living space of the light-flooded Adam Kalkin Container House in Califon, NJ is three shipping containers wide by two shipping containers tall with two sides made almost entirely of glass.

Named “Old Lady House”, this bright, airy home has modern finishes that are anything but granny-like.

All of the finishes within it – a concrete floor, large glass panes, sliding doors, stainless steel, beams and columns – speak to an edgy, industrial aesthetic. However, to keep the home in line with its rustic surroundings, Kalkin used natural materials like fir flooring and mahogany sliding doors in the smaller spaces that include a dining alcove, a half-bath, a pantry, and mechanical and laundry rooms.

One third of the floor space in the main living area is occupied by a 12-foot long kitchen island where the owner can prepare food while gazing on peaceful views of the forest. Adjacent to the kitchen space, two large sofas are available for lounging near a cozy fireplace. Since all of the corrugations are hidden behind the drywall, you can’t even tell that you’re in a shipping container unless you happen to peek behind the stairwell.


Coutesy Of: Inhabitat, Architectureandhygiene