Cinco Camp: Roger Black’s Texas Shipping Container Retreat

July 16, 2009 the ran an article entitled “Self-Contained in Texas” which shows Roger Black’s Texas retreat. Made of five 8-by-20-foot containers, each one houses its own particular function and is joined by a walkway with a small deck and integrated grill.

When Mr Black visits, about once a month, he unlatches the double doors on each of the five 8-by-20-foot shipping containers to reveal, from left to right, a living room, a bedroom, another bedroom, a kitchen and dining area and a storage and utility room. The last is filled with hardware to support several satellite Internet connections, so while he’s out of the way he’s never out of touch.

The opening on each compartment is fitted with sliding glass doors and screens to keep out stinging, biting and otherwise menacing creatures, and the rooms all face west so Mr. Black and any guests can watch the spectacular sunsets as well as distant locomotives toting the same kinds of shipping containers used in the home’s construction.

Courtesy Of: BetterLivingThroughDesignThe New York Times