The Cove Park Shipping Container Artists’ Retreat – Scotland

In 2002, USM Ltd. created three short-term artist accommodation spaces for the Cove Park Artists’ Retreat. Six 8’ x 20’ containers were combined to create three en-suite cube units (two containers per unit). Each unit provides kitchen, sitting, bedroom and bathroom (with shower) spaces. The project is sited at the edge of Loch Long and each unit provides two sets of sliding glass doors that permit views and allow access to a decked balcony overlooking the lake.

The project is unique in the way that it blends into the landscape. A green roof has been planted on the 960 sf roof that appears to grow out of the landscape due to the slope of the terrain. The exterior is painted dark green to further complement the landscape. The sliding glass doors provide reflections of the lake while they allow significant light to enter into the space. Additional light enters through round, porthole windows that, along with white interior walls, further contribute to a bright interior.

Project successes included installation of the cubes in three days. Project shortcomings include limited size and ability to accommodate larger groups of people.

In 2006, six additional cube units (three more artist retreat spaces and three work spaces) were built in a similar manner.

Courtesy Of: OpenArchitectureNetwork