The R2x20 Container Home Project, Thailand.

A Site-Specific Experiment is run by Chutayaves Sinthuphan out of Bangkok, Thailand are the creators behind the R2x20 Container Home Project. This one-bedroom, one bathroom home was built using two, 20-foot containers with cutouts for windows and doors was built for a business man seeking accommodation closer to his work.

There’s a prefab bathroom inside and the interior is insulated with a recycled content material. The relocatable nature of the project, the lower cost structure and the termite resistance nature of the steel shipping container first attracted the owner’s interest.

From The Architects:

This small container home was built by our collaborator – BlueBrown recently.  It is a small home with one bedroom, one bathroom and a living area for a young family in Thailand.

It was designed using two twenty-foot containers and a prefabricated bathroom unit, as an exercise in the making of a good, affordable housing for Thais which our government cannot seems to manage.

This home is on the outskirt of Bangkok where temperature is always high.  The house is insulated with recycled insulation material with a layer of roof above the containers to prevent the heat transmission into habitable areas.

Courtesy Of: LiveWellNetwork, Site Specific