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The Voodoo Music and Art Festival Shipping Container Grand Stand

Many people would think to build a grand stand from traditional scaffolding, but not Stefan Beese. The production designer, who is used to thinking outside of the box, decided to think inside of the box for the Voodoo Festival, using six 40’ long shipping containers to create a large viewing deck and a VIP lounge area.

The containers also smartly do double duty as storage space for other festival components throughout the year.

The two top containers are cantilevered nine feet on each side creating two balconies that are prime viewing locations. There are also two bars located on the balconies. Each container was perforated with cutouts spelling the word “VOODOO,” which not only brands the structure but creates different vantagepoints and service area openings. And since the openings themself act as signage for the event, no additional materials or energy were needed to create banners or posters.

For the 2010 event, the Voodoo container was improved by adding a 10 foot ADA lift leading up to the top deck where festival-goers were able to enjoy performances by Ozzy Osborne, Muse and My Morning Jacket.


Courtesy Of: Inhabitat