Shipping Containers Scout Camp on Catalina Island

Richard Hammond redesigned an 85 year old Scouts’ camp on Catalina Island, 19 miles off the coast of Southern California. His prototype cabin was constructed from a reclaimed shipping container. Where the group is pursuing a sustainable vision for its new campers’ accommodations.

Designed by architect Richard Hammond from Gensler in Los Angeles, the prototype cabin is constructed from a reclaimed shipping container and features a recycled local wood deck (from the recently rebuilt pier), natural ventilation, and solar power. The idea of container dwellings that acted more like open tents than completely enclosed cabins.

The Westminster-based construction company that donated the prototype container (20 more cabins will eventually be built) also cut out the top and made window openings. A vaulted roof, made with materials from a boat-cover manufacturer, was constructed, its stretched silicone-coated fiberglass gives the container natural light.

Lee Harrison, the camp’s executive director could have kept the Scouts old barracks, but went with something more modern and environmental since eco outdoor education is something that the organization is based upon. In accordance with the organization’s “leave no trace” philosophy, the Scouts wanted alternative, ecologically sound accommodations suited to the island, a protected wilderness.

Courtesy Of: Haute Nature

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