Emporio The Recycled Shipping Container Deli by Infiniski

Emporio is a recently completed commercial shipping container project in Talca, Chile by those very creative people at Infiniski who also brought us Manifesto House. The building designed by James and Mau is approximately 150m2 with an additional 35 m2 of undercover terraces. Within the structure there is a showroom area, office space, assembly space and cold storage.

“Infiniski wanted to create an outward eye, symbolized by a glass surface that is surrounded by walls, wooden floors and ceilings , creating a flight over the main structure that allows, as an eyelid, regulate the amount light has to pass by the windows.” The control of light and heat is a fundamental element to protect perishable products sold in the store. Likewise, the exterior wooden facade with air chamber acts as a sunscreen skin.

The Infiniski construction system operates on a semi-prefabricated modular design. Infiniski has used five recycled shipping containers that have become the building’s structural modules. A more industrialized and modular construction, effectively reduces waste, aids the reintroduction of recycled materials, and creates an integrated process of construction. It also reduces costs, time and environmental pollution, achieving high quality architecture and design”.

The result is a highly visible building, that is committed to the environment. With the joint efforts of passive solar design, cross-ventilated facades and the use of quality insulation materials, the building achieves excellent energy efficiency ratings.

In addition to recycled shipping containers the architects have also used…

  • Recycled cellulose projected newsprint for insulation in walls
  • Interior panels of recycled cellulose fiber and gypsum for forming interior walls
  • Recycled galvanized steel for the structure interior walls
  • Natural cork for ecological insulation under containers were reused
  • Container off cuts for the curtain wall and exterior doors
  • Reuse of doors of the containers to the main entrance
  • Double glazing composition camera air for effective thermal insulation
  • The original 30mm plywood and varnished container flooring polished interior and green paint

Courtesy Of: Punta Fina

Photographs By : Antonio Corcuera, Infiniski