Liray House – A Shipping Container Home By Proyecto ARQtainer, Santiago, Chile

Designed and constructed by Proyecto ARQtainer from Santago Chile, architect Ruben Rivera Peede has produced Liray House – a new eco container home project for one of his clients. Ruben’s brief was to design and construct a house quickly, that was earthquake resistant, at low cost and be to be no more than 115m2 in size. At a final cost of around USD$75,000 and taking just three months to construct, we suspect Ruben’s client must be very happy indeed!

Located on 6775 m2 block of land, Liray House is sited on the far eastern corner in order to get the best views of the Andes Mountain. The container home is raised 55 cm above the ground giving it more height, separating the home from land, and also allowing for access under the home for plumbing. Much of this project was prefabricated off site, and then moved into final position, substantially reducing noise pollution and the impact of building works.

Liray House is constructed from five recycled shipping containers. Two 40 feet shipping containers are used for the bedroom areas, while three 20 foot shipping conatiners form the public spaces (living room, kitchen) and service areas. The intersection of these two areas is defined by two annexed structures, an entrance hall and a service yard, providing continuity and volumetric space of the house. In order to keep the home size at 115m2, the facade was setback, located adjacent to the hallway and bedrooms areas.

Taking advantage of the strong structure offered by the containers, a terrace was built off the living room and dining room areas to fully appreciate the distant views. The pre-existing doors of containers were also used to create the balcony structures.

The original container flooring was removed, and hardwood floors were installed. The walls and ceiling were insulated from projected cellulose, and thus acquire a greater solidity and homogeneity. With an internal density of 45 to 60kg/m3, the insulation gives the home higher thermal and acoustic insulation, and eliminates any hollow sounds. Projected Cellulose also avoids thermal and acoustic bridges, avoids water vapor condensation and is also extremely fireproof.

Building Work: Liray House
Architecture and Construction: Proyecto ARQtainer
Architect: Ruben Rivera Peede
Engineer: Julio Oyarzun Flores
Location: Fundo Liray, subdivision La Copa, Colina – Santiago
Country: Chile
Land Area: 6775 m2
Project Area: 115.01 m2
Project Year: 2010
Construction Year: 2010
Main Building Material: Corten steel shipping containers, steel frame, thermal pane window, internal coating plasterboard and projected cellulose insulation.

Courtesy Of: Ruben Rivera Peede