The Shipping Container & Timber Beach House, Srima, Auroville

We really like the simplicity and adaptable nature of this 60m2 Timber Beach House constructed in Srima, Auroville, India by Jean Marc & Govinda. At a cost of 10 lacs (around USD $22,000) this coastal dwelling was designed by Castelino & Marchese Architects (C&M Architects). Although this is not a container house as such, one could imagine that by using 2 x 20 ft shipping containers, you could form the bottom unit of the dwelling, and perhaps incorporate containers into the second level.

Form the Architects.. ” A simple dwelling unit planned on the second floor of a store room in a densely vegetated site to be able to get the sea view. The entire timber construction houses a bedroom open on almost three sides maximizing the benefit of cross ventilation in the Indian hot and humid climate while also giving a lightness to the interiors. There is a living room, kitchenette & bathroom facilities on the lower level.”


Courtesy Of: Castelino & Marchese Architects