Oh Dear. “Shipping Containers to House Prisoners.”

Shipping Containers to House Prisoners.

It follows a trial using shipping containers to house inmates at the state’s (South Australia) Cadell Prison.

“This is a great outcome for this important project and I was always confident that shipping containers would provide a viable alternative to traditional prison construction,” Mr Koutsantonis said. 

“This project represents best value for money with the approved design presenting a 25 per cent cost saving compared with the use of pre-cast concrete.”

Correctional Services chief executive Peter Severin said he was impressed by the functional and efficient design solution which was both safe and secure.

Compliments of: SMH

All of this is probably very true.  However for me. Ugh.. Of related interest the New Zealand Government would not allow their inmates to be locked up in “similar accommodation” as it was considered too demeaning.

Perhaps they need to work on the design side?