Dabba Mane “Box House”. A Shipping Eco Container Home, Bangalore, India.

Created by four shipping containers this 900 square foot home was built by Kameshwar Rao, a 33-year-old climbing wall coach from Bangalore, India.  At at an estimated budget of Rs 10 lakh (about USD$17,500), this shipping container home was built for under half the cost of similar surrounding structures.

The entire eco container home complex consists of four containers, two making up the container home and other two being used as office space and bachelor pad. Two used shipping containers were sourced from the Chennai docks for RS 1 lakh (about USD$1750) each, and were transported to Bangalore, then installed by crane. Two other containers were already on site.

Deciding not to use artificial insulation, two containers were placed in an L shape to promote cross ventilation. One container became the kitchen and the other became a duplex bedroom complete with a bathroom. To ensure occupant safety, and to bridge the gap between the containers on the ground floor, Kamesh ran ships grids, covered them with decking sheet, and poured a layer of concrete on top so that tiles could be laid.

This self designed house boasts of some very unique features, including a wall made out of glass beer bottles, with a bullock cart wheel at its center. Industrial stencils with letters cut out became the railing for a bedroom that looked over the hall, and a diesel funnel from an old truck was cut into half and made into the kitchen sink. The doors of the containers have also been opened out (then enclosed) to get extra 4ft of floor space.


Courtesy Of: Neeraj Kumar and Container Solutions India