Holyoke Cabin. An Off Grid Shipping Container Home, Duluth, Minnesota, USA.

The Holyoke Cabin shipping container home was a collaboration of Paul Stankey (co-founder of hiveModular), his brother Scott Stankey and their wives. Located outside of Duluth, Minnesota, this 480 square foot eco container home cost just a little over USD $15,000 to complete.

During 2008, two twenty foot shipping containers were purchased for $800 each, and were designed to create an eco container home – complete with kitchen, dining room, living room with a wood burning stove, a laundry room and two queen beds. The shipping containers were welded to the top of twelve concrete piers, minimizing its impact on the site, which is sufficiently remote that the concrete for the footings had to be mixed by hand, and the water hauled up from the nearby creek.

The two containers are connected by a middle section loft, and roof made out of “(3) 4 1/2″ X 11 1/4″ fir beams made up of (3) 2X12’s thru bolted and glued” and a glass door entrance. The interiors are now furred out and insulated with rigid foam clad with birch ply. The cabin is partially powered by solar power arrays and connected to a rainwater cistern making this building an off grid eco container home.

Courtesy Of: http://openarchitecturenetwork.org/