The Atlanta Shipping Container House 2.0 USA.

Architect Francis Kirkpatrick and Engineer George Runkle collaborated to design two of these shipping container homes in downtown Atlanta, Georgia. The original shipping container house (colored brown) was constructed by  g a d Design, and was started in 2006, while the newer addition (colored white) was completed 2011.

The second Atlanta Shipping Container House (2.0)  has a slightly altered design when compared to the original home. The second container home now has a balcony on the top floor, and the top floor now has a completely open floor plan.

Land Area:     2,160 sq. ft. (200 m2) each lot
Built Area:     1,900 sq. ft. (176 m2) + basement garage of 650 sq. ft. (60 m2) each home
Year Built:      2007 (brown) and 2011 (white)


Courtesy Of: Runkle Consulting.