The Daiken-Met Architects Shipping Container Office, Gifu City, Japan.

We particularly likes the idea behind the progressive Daiken-Met Architects Shipping Container Office in Gifu City, Japan. With a building foot-print of just 49.3m2 and total office area of 111.35m2, this shipping container office is designed to be mobile. That’s right mobile.

Completed in 2011 by Nakamura Construction and designed by Waken not Jim, the Daiken-Met Architects shipping container office are constructed from seven shipping containers, and are supported with in a mobile steel frame structure. The goal of course,  being to being able to relocate the entire office structure if so desired. We have seen use of the supporting steel structure before, most notable in Cattani Architects Cité A Docks student housing project, located in Le Havre, France, however this is certainly the first time we have seen it on wheels.

Whether the mobility of this structure is a truly practical option or not, it does pose and interesting opportunity for the future use of urban vacant land.

Courtesy Of: netmet.­jp
Photgraphy: Shinkenchiku-Sha