The DeWitt and Kasravi Shipping Container Home, Santa Cruz, USA.

Located in the hills of Felton, Santa Cruz, CA this 1,200 square foot shipping container home sited on 10.8 acres was recently completed on the side of a moutain. Owned by Connie DeWitt and her husband Kam Kasravi, this house is formed by three and a half “high cube” shipping containers — 9 feet tall, 40 feet long and 8 feet wide. 

Four shipping containers were sourced through the Port of Oakland, and were bought for a total of $15,000. The containers were partially prefabricated off site with windows and doors installed before transport. In order to move them to site, the shipping containers also had to be cut into six sections of varying lengths to form the rooms – with no section could be longer than 30 feet, otherwise the trucks could not have moved them safely.

While the cost of the shipping containers was less than traditional wood-framed house materials, this saving was offsett by an intense schedule of fire-protection measures and other requirements for building in the mountains. This meant the total cost — about $408,000 — was not much less than if they’d built a conventional house.

Designed by Modulus Architecture and built by SG Blocks and Norcal Construction, this 1,200-square-foot, two-story container home has one full bedroom, a sleeping nook with bunk beds, 1½ bathrooms and an additional outdoor shower. A central skylight upstairs allows light to pour in, and a metal grate in the floor of that upper level brings extra light to the first floor. Inside, the steps and the wood railings were milled by the family from a 150-foot redwood tree that had to be cut down on the property to allow turn-around space for emergency vehicles.


Courtesy Of: Mercury News

Photos: Karen T. Borchers

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