The New Jerusalem Shipping Container Children’s Home. Midrand, South Africa.

The New Jerusalem Shipping Container Children’s Home provides residential care for abandoned, abused, traumatised, orphaned or HIV-Positive children and vulnerable youth from 0-18 years. Founded in 2000 by Anna and Phina Mojapelo, the two sisters started the project with just one child. The new shipping container facilities include nurseries, dormitories, a communal kitchen and dining area, a crèche, a Montessori preschool, play area, and a permaculture vegetable garden.  Today, they shelter over 80 children at a time. You can donate to this valuable project here.

Sean Wall from 4D and A Architects worked closely with New Jerusalem to propose a range of housing solutions for the accommodation of twelve children and one house-mother per abode, two houses sharing communal kitchen, dining, lounge and laundry facilities. After considering various alternatives, it was decided that the most lucrative approach was to utilise recycled shipping containers to construct these residential dwellings as the cost was estimated at R1.5million (€145,000) – 25% of the traditional brick and mortar home.


Courtesy Of:  The New Jerusalem Children’s Home Four Design + Architecture

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    What a GREAT project! With the worldwide surplus of unused shipping containers why not utilize them in such a wonderful way. Great stuff 4D and A Architects and everyone else that helped with the project!