Because nature is a luxury.

“Are you serious? You have no water board connections, your homes demand 30% less freshwater as compared to any regular home, your power bills are at 40% lesser and you have ACs to boot?” This is the kind of impact our campus has. It leaves most people shaking their heads in disbelief. 

We are ZED, the largest green residential developer and the indisputable leader in pioneering building technologies and management systems in India. Founded on strong beliefs and sincere love for Mother Nature, we design homes that offer you luxury that doesn’t cost the earth. 

ZED is tomorrow's thinking. The key to our success is rooted in being a value-driven, human organisation that dares to push the building industry to a state of higher evolution. 



Biodiversity Conservation India Pvt. Ltd. (BCIL) is an organisation that provides lifestyle solutions that focus on sustainable methods of creating zero energy homes that will not be a burden for the environment.

Over 10 years, BCIL has been creating neighbourhoods, not just sustainable luxurious homes. We grow our own water; we generate our own energy; we even manage all the waste generated in every such campus.

BCIL recognises that every single project has to demonstrate possibilities of construction as well as management of energy, water and waste, in a way that regular builders can see the practical 'do-ability' of these sustainable methods, while at once being profitable.


Mission & beliefs


ZED makes homes that don’t depend on the city for fresh water, managing waste and energy.  ZED is the holy grail of green in India – with 33 awards from 10 countries, 3 continents over 9 years. ZED, as a group, goes beyond making homes – from providing solutions that inspire farmers, to products that make for game changing energy-saving in regular homes.

Our Core Beliefs

We are Gandhian in our passion and pursuit. He said Aparigraha, or non-possession, had to be practiced by every employee, professional and businessperson. The creation of economic wealth is important, but the promoters of the business “should not take more than what is needed for a comfortable, but not extravagant, life”. At ZED, our purpose is to create social wealth with money being an instrument for bringing such change. 





The Six Strands of Sustainability that weave through every project of ours.

EARTH - We avoid bricks, as they employ precious topsoil and use 400 degree Celsius energy. Instead, we use our approach to choice of materials for making homes that endure, that last, and bring comfort and aesthetic appeal.

ENERGY - ZED’s zero energy work strategies are sensitive to ‘embodied energy’ and ‘active energy’ use on consumption.

WATER - ZED homes help residents manage their own water and waste water, with zero maintenance hassles. It reduces fresh water demand by a whopping 70 %, unparalleled in Indian homes.

WASTE - Every Zed campus ensures that Zed maintenance assumes responsibility for managing solid waste, wet waste, chemical waste, recyclable waste and every type of waste generated by homes and families.

AIR - We focus on passive and active cooling systems that are energy-efficient and ozone-friendly. Our Air-conditioners save 70 % energy, work on 5 amp, 2-pin plugs and cut energy bills sharply. ZED is working on ACs that will consume less energy than a ceiling fan! That’s the future.

BIOMASS - We plant densely. It will help if you talk to them. They are living, breathing, just as you and I do. They cool the air around you. They absorb toxic emissions. They add calm and quiet to the neighbourhood. They add to the sweet scent of air.


Our Six Principles of Sustainability (CAFEET) – Cost, Aesthetics, Function, Ease of Execution, Environmental Health, and Time - are the foundations on which our activities rest.

COST - Always relative to what you are 'buying'.

AESTHETICS - Should gain acceptance among customers.

FUNCTION - Must serve the basic purpose and not be there for its own sake.

EASE OF EXECUTION - Skills and material resources must be available within a reasonable distance and time.

ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH - Has to be resource-sensitive and/or bring social value. Architecture at Zed HOMES must adhere to its Six Strands approach, entailing management of all aspects that relate to them.

TIME - Else, the organisation fails as a delivery company.



Who we are 

As one of the most reputed builders & developers, we have proved time and again that not every pound of profit has to come at the cost of the environment. Over two decades, we have been treading a challenging path to green and energy–efficient construction and to building urban communities.

We are

World leaders in managing water, energy, and waste needs in urban pockets. Global award-winners in what we do.
Unmatched in the long-term value we deliver to customers, economically and ecologically.

We believe

That a comfortable life can also conserve bio-diversity and energy.
In bringing balance between eco-ideals and practicality.
In building communities and strong neighbourhood values.
In defying convention but respecting traditional knowledge.
In using clean-tech that is hi-tech.
In recycling waste, using less energy, conserving water and reducing pollution.


What we do

Sustainable Communities - ZED Habitats

Over the last 17 years, we have pitted and proved ourselves against the highest green building standards in the world, campus after campus. 

Nearly a thousand home-owners swear by the investment they made in our homes that are vibrant, architecturally unmatched and truly alive. There is a single game-changer that is common to all ZED Habitats: freedom from the city grid for water, waste and energy. The benefits these bring are incalculable - to you and to our cities.


Energy-efficient Appliances or Durables – Forest free Furniture – Solar Power

ZED's revolutionary range of appliances, durables and furniture transform the face of urban living.

ZED Air Conditioner - A product that is designed not just to give you phenomenal savings but also to redefine luxury and comfort.

Forestfree furniture - A luxury line of sustainable furniture to adorn your home, hotel and office with elegance. Every product is made of certified and sustainably harvested timber, with no nails and brads. Every joint is engineered to bond with wooden dowels and chemical-free bonding adhesives. The best part? Each piece of furniture we make is fully recyclable and will see a tree saved in a natural forest. The product line is just right for home furniture, office interiors, service apartments, hotels and hospitals.

ZED Sun - Solar energy solutions for homes and offices that’s good for the planet and great for your pocket.




ZED Foundation

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At the helm

  • Dr. Chandrashekar Hariharan

    Chandrashekar Hariharan is the founder of Biodiversity India Conservation Limited (BCIL), the apex group company that presides over the zero energy developed (ZED) homes and products, and cutting-edge consulting. Hariharan is a core committee member of the CII Indian Green Building Council. He is also the Co-Chairman - IGBC Bangalore Chapter; Co-Chairman - IGBC National Council for Green Landscaping and various other National Advisories. Since the early 1990s, when ‘green’ was still a word for the colour and words like ‘global warming’ and ‘climate change’ were yet to gain currency, Hariharan has relentlessly driven the company’s values to create innovations in the building industry on a scale seldom achieved globally. For 20 years, he has served as consultant for governments of Uttaranchal, Kerala and Nagaland on eco-conscious infrastructure and environment policies, and also for the Asian Development Bank and ADEME, a French institution that promotes energy efficiency in buildings.  
  • Sanjay Ramanujam

    Sanjay is an Ernst & Young chartered accountant, with his early years spent as part of corporate finance advisory practice in India and the Middle East.  He has managed several transaction advisory and financial structuring mandates for leading domestic, MNC and Government organisations in India, the Middle East, North Africa and Europe. He later joined a mid-sized real estate development and investment company in Bahrain and steered the raising of USD 900 million in the form of debt and structured funding. On his return to India, he joined Tishman Speyer as Director-Project Finance and moved up to be Senior Director-Finance. At ZED Group, he steers business development, structures projects and works on Strategic Business Plans.
  • Dinesh Shivanna

    Dinesh is a green technology leader driving cutting-edge solutions. As a designer and value engineering expert he is a rare talent who thinks on his feet with solutions that are practical, cost-effective and disrupts costs and energy for multiple sustainable products and processes. He has worked on a spectrum of technology solutions from aircraft design to solar collector and PV systems, Wind Systems, ground heat and cooling systems. His consulting has extended to companies like HLL, Panasonic, Mindtree, GE, Videocon, Onida, Merlin Hawk Brown dove, Lexaeon Design Studio, Caterpillar. He shares time between China, India and Africa, on challenging Technology. He is a conservationist - not just at heart, but in the long years of dedication that he has offered with joy for the silent, helpless animals of the wild. He has been a forest warden, a passionate ornithologist, a friend of tigers and elephants in many sanctuaries and a hands-on provider of solutions for sanctuaries.   
  • Vinay Tippannanavar

    Vinay helps translate BCIL’s mission of zero energy development at the ground level for all ZED projects, both residential and commercial. He presides over project execution and value engineering, energy & water services, and carbon mapping needs of every construction project. He manages a team of over 70 professionals in design, construction, green metrics and measurements, and supply chain. A one-time State football player, Vinay loves to don his ‘innovation hat’ while ‘teamwork’ is his mantra.
  • Harikrishna

    Harikrishna is a mechanical engineer, who has spent over 15 years in hardcore project construction. His early stints in large industrial projects and project management have lent him the edge on people management. At BCIL, he handed over the world’s first Platinum-rated T-Zed Homes.  He brings a very rare talent and ability to articulate with passion, and build relationships with people. “My years with ZED have transformed me,” he says. He presides over all market & customer interface. He is a natural ‘relator’ while he also has a talent for diligence of a high order. “It is always a matter of helping people learn the whys and hows,” he says of customer resistance to innovation or technology.  
  • Krishna Das

    Krishna Das presides over the supply chain for all Zed Group verticals. He brings a commitment that inspires, and an ability to think on his feet. A quick learner, he has successfully learnt to integrate people and vendor resources for securing smooth deliveries. “I want to help all ZED professionals get the same opportunities and breaks I got in this organization to learn and to contribute to all teams. If we can get people to take initiatives, more than half the job is done.” he says.
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Board of Directors

  • Shankar Jaganathan

    Shankar Jaganathan is a chartered accountant and a law graduate by qualification. He has varied experience in corporate, academic and social sectors in a career spanning 25 years. He is passionate about economic history, sustainability practices and corporate governance. A select list of the entities and institutions he is/was associated with includes Wipro, AzimPremji Foundation, Indian Institute of Science, Union Bank of India and Oxfam India. He currently divides his time between corporate consulting for rapidly growing entities, teaching, research and writing. He consults for select corporates and is an independent director on the Boards of Indian Corporates and NGO, and teaches at leading management schools. Shankar is the author of the book Corporate Disclosures: 1553-2007, The Origin of Financial and Business Reports, published by Routledge in 2008. This book was selected by the Indian Society of Training and Development, New Delhi for commendation in 2010 and was awarded a cash prize. His second book The Wisdom of Ants, A Brief History of Economics, covering the last 2500 years was published in November 2012.  
  • Kanchan Kaur

    A Print Journalist for the last 18 years, Kanchan Kaur presides over the Institute of Journalism and New Media. Over 20 years she has worked with the Deccan Herald, Gulf News and Indian Express.
  • Ashwin Mahesh

    Ashwin Mahesh is a climatologist from the University of Washington and a NASA researcher who returned to India drawn by challenges of public governance. He is the co-founder and director of the popular public affairs magazine, India Together and CEO of the Bangalore-based social technology company, Mapunity incubated at IIM, Bangalore and at IIIT, Bangalore. He is an Ashoka Fellow, a distinguished global fellowship that recognizes leading social entrepreneurs.  
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Being a leader is daunting, for you have no precedence to follow. You have to reinvent design forms and plans. Awards, however, do count—in that they endorse the collective effort, and further inspire us to achieve more in our journey. Here's a list of awards and recognitions that have come ZED’s way over the years.


  • ‘Environment Friendly Project of The Year’, North Bangalore. 
  • 'Most Environment Friendly Residential Project Award' at First NDTV Property Awards, New Delhi.
  • 'CMO Asia Award’, Singapore.
  • ‘World CSR Award’
  • The distinguished ‘Social Responsibility Award’ conferred upon BCIL Chairman Dr. Hariharan at World CSR Congress Excellence & Leadership Awards, Mumbai.



  • ‘Environment Friendly Project of The Year’ for ZED WOODS. 
  • 'International Star for Leadership in Quality Award in the GOLD category 
  • 'DST Lockhead Martin Award’
  • 'CMO Asia Award’, Singapore
  • ‘Residential Environment Friendly Project of The Year’, Bangalore.
  • 'Green Builder - Extraordinaire Award' conferred upon Dr. Hariharan by the Builders Association of India.






  • 'CII-ITC Sustainability Awards' by Confederation of Indian Industries (CII). 
  • 'Distinguished Fellow Award' to Dr. Hariharan from the Builders Association of India.
  • 'Realty Plus Conclave and Excellence Awards' for ZED Collective apartments and ZED Earth villas.
  • 'Green Apple Award-2011' by the Green Organisation. 
    Theme: Built Environment and Architectural Heritage.
  • 'Green Builder - Extraordinaire Award' conferred upon Dr. Hariharan by the Builders Association of India.
  • The Week magazine named Executive Chairman Dr. Chandrashekar Hariharan as one of '30 Pearls' of India for successfully demonstrating 'going green' as a business model in the country.



  • 'Core Net Global Award-2010' for BCIL, awarded by Core Net Global in San Diego for Sustainable leadership.
  • 'Realty Plus Excellence National Award' by Realty Plus magazine. Theme: 'Environment-Friendly Project of the Year' for T-ZED.
  • 'Distinguished Fellow Award' to Dr. Hariharan from the Builders Association of India. 'Udyog Rattan Award for Excellence' from Bangkok, Thailand by Indian Economic Studies. Theme: Contribution to economic development.
  • 'World's 20 Icons of Sustainability' to ZED CEO Dr. Hariharan by Earth Matters.



  • 'CII Award for Excellence' from Centre for Excellence of Sustainable Development, New Delhi.
  • 'First Platinum-Rated Award' post-construction residential, by IGBC. 



  •  'Ryutaro Hashimoto Award' by IGES, Kanagawa, Japan. Theme: Sustainable development. 



  • 'ADB Water Champion Award' by Manila, The Philippines. Dr. Hariharan was the only Indian among eight Asians from 63 Asian countries who won the award that year.
  • The first eco-tourism village in Nagaland, an Angami village called Khonoma, was designed and guided as technical consultants for the Govt of Nagaland by ZED.



  • 'All India Practising Architects Award' for Trans Indus residential enclave.
  • 'Spectrum Award for Sustainable Architecture' by Institute of Practising Architecture.






  • 'TERI Award-2003' by TERI. For excellence in Corporate environment initiatives.
  • Spectrum Award for Sustainable Architecture by Institute of Architects-2003.
  • BCIL serves as Biodiesel Consultant for the Vizag-based Girijan Co-operative Corporation of the AP Government.